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Our Work

At Elite Kitchen and Bath, it is our pride and joy to provide our customers with the top of the line experience and finished results. Our goal is to design a space that the users find  functional, ergonomic, and pleasing to the eye.

We understand that these areas of the home are not just functional spaces but also an important part of your overall lifestyle and aesthetic preferences.

Our Shaker cabinet and open shelving combination provide a warm and calm welcome into the kitchen space. This setup provide a great contrast by using our Shaker White style cabinets with matte black pulls and knobs to accent the space.

Making a simple space look absolutely gorgous is what our apartment kitchen renovation services do. Creating a contrast within the kitchen space by using the clean look of the Shaker White cabinet style with the minimalistic look of the matte black pulls and knobs completes the kitchen space.

Our Shaker White Cabinets accessorized with dark tone gold hardware which includes a combination of knobs and pulls gives a timeless look.

Black and white farmhouse compliments the kitchen and bath spaces by using the Shake White style cabinets. The kitchen space is embezzled with our fine cup style pulls and knobs finished in brush gold.

This kitchen remodel reconfigured the layout, added additional cabinets for enhanced storage, shaker white style complimented with brush nickel detailed hardware come together to create a kitchen that is both functional and visually stunning.


Two tone waterfall kitchen features exquisite elements that come together to create a luxurious and sophisticated space. The foundation of the design begins with the striking Naval Blue cabinets, which bring depth and richness to the room. These cabinets are complemented by the elegant brushed gold hardware, adding a touch of glamour and refinement.

In this kitchen redesign, the focal point is the stunning combination of shaker white cabinets, matte black hardware, and Calacatta Laza countertops, creating an atmosphere of modern elegance.

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